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IT security is a hot topic in business circles. Because the nature of security risks is constantly changing, it can be difficult for business owners to identify and create a flexible and defensive plan while taking care of core business functions. Let SRV take care of your IT security needs so you can spend your time focusing on your business instead of worrying about IT security.


The Threats

IT security is the umbrella term for layered protection that is designed to protect your IT environment from internal and external threats. A comprehensive IT security plan will help protect your company’s intellectual and financial assets. SRV has identified that most threats to corporate IT environments fall into the following categories:

  • Viruses are malicious, hidden, self-replicating applications that attach themselves to commonly used programs. Viruses become active every time an infected program is opened.
  • Worms are another type of malicious, self-replicating application. Worms are IT network aware and can easily spread throughout an entire IT environment. Unlike viruses, worms do not need to attach themselves to another program in order to affect your corporate IT environment.
  • Trojan horses are pieces of malicious code that are typically attached to downloadable computer programs, applications, apps, etc. Computer users will often seek out a legitimate application, such as a free trial productivity app, and while using the program, the Trojan horse will upload into the user’s computer. Trojan horses are dangerous because they can evade most security programs.
  • Rootkits are programs that hackers use to mask intrusion to individual desktop computers and even the entire IT environment while gaining administrator access to your company’s entire IT environment.
  • Spam is any unwanted or unsolicited electronic junk mail.
  • Spyware is a type of malware that, once loaded onto your company’s computers, will collect bits of information from users.
  • Hacker is the label assigned to any person that purposefully gains unauthorized access to any computer system, personal or corporate, with the intent of causing harm.

Why It Matters

Because companies in many vertical markets are being held accountable for the security of consumer and corporate data through government regulations, policies, and contractual obligations, it has become a corporate responsibility to protect regulated data. As such, your company needs to have a comprehensive security plan in place to protect all of its data and the IT environment on which it is stored.

The Plan

Since businesses are experiencing increased regulations that affect how IT environments are protected, IT companies suggest that all corporations create and adopt a comprehensive IT security plan. Regardless of your unique corporate needs, SRV recommends that your IT security plan consist of three different components:

  • Policies are the written rules regarding both user behavior and business operations. All Covered suggests that, at minimum, your business should have an Acceptable Usage Policy that explicitly outlines what users can and cannot do on their computer systems. In addition, All Covered also encourages you to consider that there are other security policies that would help protect your corporate IT environment and the data stored on it.
  • Risk assessment involves evaluating the external and internal threats to your company, business assets, data, reputation, clients, and partners. By effectively analyzing your company’s IT security risks, your IT support team can create a proactive plan to prevent security breaches and prioritize your IT investments to make maximum use of your IT budget.
  • Defense in depthis the concept of layered security where multiple security products are in place at different locations on your network to prevent security events from affecting your important data. Layering IT security ensures that your business has overlapping IT protections in place to keep your proprietary data and IT environment secure.

SRV Can Help!!

Because threats to your company’s IT environment are constantly changing, you need access to dedicated experts that are up-to-date on the newest threats and how to protect against their potential risks. Through our Global partnerships we can offer you the best security products on the market.

Internet Presence & Services

SRV can handle all of your Internet needs. We can offer you the following services:

  • 1. Domain name registration anywhere in the world, Domain name Parking
  • 2. Domain name transfers
  • 3. Custom tailored Web Hosting packages with unlimited email accounts
  • 4. Email Hosting Services
  • 5. Web Site design using the latest web technologies
  • 6. Eshop design and deployment, Content Management




SRV Applications » Virtualization

If your organization hasn’t yet implemented any virtualization technologies, it soon will.

Today close to 25% of all servers shipped worldwide are virtualized. However, in addition to servers, desktops, applications, and storage can be virtualized.

Server Virtualization

Traditional physical Windows-based servers only utilize 5-10% of the underlying hardware capacity and virtualizing them typically allows for consolidation rates of 10:1. That means that one of today’s servers can power up to 10 virtual servers. This allows for tremendous cost savings in terms of consolidating server sprawl and reducing space needed and power consumed and cooling needed. Furthermore, the ability to manually or automatically move virtual servers around allows for a completely new level of business continuity and disaster recovery.

  • Reduced hardware costs
  • Less space needed
  • Reduced energy used
  • More flexibility and server setup and disaster recovery
  • Less hardware and software to maintain

Desktop Virtualization

90-95% of your PC resources sit idle at any given time. Desktop virtualization allows you to separate the desktop operating system and all applications from your desktop computer which can reduce the cost of your PC ownership by 40%. All computing processes take place at the server level which is completely transparent to the user, but allows your users to access their needed files and applications across any connection and from any device—even mobile phones.

  • Reduced PC desktop costs
  • Reduced energy needed
  • Great control of data and applications
  • Reduced maintenance costs

Application Virtualization

Application virtualization allows for greater efficiencies by detaching the application from the operating system. This allows for much greater compatibility, manageability and portability of the applications themselves. Applications take up tremendous amount of bandwidth and space on your desktops, but application virtualization allows for programs to be streamed on demand so that applications are not required to be installed on the host as traditionally done.

  • Dramatically improve security and support
  • Less maintenance and upgrade time
  • Less hardware power consumption and strain

SRV’s Virtualization Experience

We know from our more than 400 clients that your business world is spinning faster than ever. To remain competitive in your market, technology cannot stand in the way of business agility. IT must serve as an enabling and accelerating force for change. When your market and your competitors change, you have to be able to change faster. Furthermore, IT ownership cost is weighing down most organizations, and these costs ultimately have to be passed on to your customers. Without a cost-effective IT environment your internal cost structure will seriously harm your competitiveness in the market.

Let SRV show you how virtualization could become your most competitive business advantage. Virtualization is no longer a technology for technology’s sake, but a technology for business’ sake. We are certified with Microsoft and VMware and have a large install base. We can partner with you every step of the way from the early phase of a technical & business analysis and assessments through a proof of concept, pilot deployments production rollouts, and training and support.

SRV Applications » Mobility Solutions for Business


Mobility is recognized by IT services providers as one of the easiest and fastest growing business solutions that any business can adopt. Whether your company conducts business over the internet or in your office or store, mobility solutions will give your business the technological edge it needs to stay competitive in a 24/7 business world where every second counts.

SRV Applications » Mobility Solutions for Business


Remote offices – In order to stay competitive, the typical business rarely can keep operations confined to a single brick-and-mortar location; chances are that your business is in this situation. When the time is right, and you are ready to grow your business, you might consider opening new offices in different locations to meet client demand. Or you might find it beneficial to allow employees to work from offsite locations. Regardless of whether your company’s remote offices are housed in employees’ homes or are secondary business sites, your remote users will always need to have a secure, established way to access the primary business site where critical data is stored. IT companies identify that most remote offices are classified as one of the following:

-Secondary sites such as a second or third office require constant access to company files, services, and resources that are stored at your business’ primary site. Often, the easiest way to do this is through the use of a dedicated VPN connection between the firewalls at the different sites or a point-to-point connection provided by your internet service provider.

-Home offices allow your employees to work from home. Typically, employees that work from home offices need secure file access which can be provided by a SharePoint server, a company extranet or a VPN connection.

  • Remote workforce – Since the business workforce is becoming increasingly mobile and your employees are constantly on the go, take advantage of mobility solutions that will give your employees access to important data when they are not in the office. Keep in mind the following when your business is establishing its remote workforce network.

    – Real time data – In order to be efficient, mobile users need to have access to email, contacts, and calendars that are updated in real time. With the right solution, your business’ mobile users can access company data and services from mobile devices such as smartphones, laptop computers, and netbooks through an extranet, SharePoint site, or a VPN connection.

– CRM applications – If your mobile employees are involved in sales, they need online access to sales data and contracts so that they can rapidly close opportunities. Most of the top selling sales and CRM applications have a web component for your mobile work force.

  • Mobile Solutions for Smartphones – iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian? No problem our company has the knowhow to integrate your smartphone / iPad / Tablet into your business. Whether it is Contacts , Calendars, Microsoft Exchange, Blackberry services or even Remote desktop services, we are here to give you a solution to your individual needs.

 SRV Applications » Mobility Solutions for Business


SRV Applications » Additional Services


  • Computer Upgrades and Migrations
    Whether you need a new email server or you need to upgrade all your laptops to Windows 7, we can handle all your migrations and hardware upgrades. Call or email us with your project details and we’ll respond right away.
  • Network Design
    We can help you build and design the ideal network for your office environment. We have performed many installations chances are we’ve seen an environment just like yours and we know exactly the best solution for it. Let our experienced IT engineers do the work for you.
  • Company Cost ManagementLet us analyze your daily operating costs such as telecommunications, consumables and even power consumption. Armed with this data we can show you how to reduce your day to day expenses and raise your profits. With proper planning you can save 10-20% a year!
  • Data Recovery & Backup solutionsWhen data appears to be lost or inaccessible you need fast, reliable service. We are experts in providing advanced data recovery services. We can recover data no matter how loss occurred, accidental deletion, hardware crash, corrupted data, mechanical failure to name a few. Whether it is a flash drive , hard disk, or camera or phone memory card we can help save your data!
  • Starting up a new business? Moving an existing one?We can handle everything for you. We have strategic partnerships with professionals and suppliers to cover all of your needs. We can provide the following services:

    1. New office layout and design ( Wiring, floor plan etc. )
    2. IT system design ( Network, Hardware and Software )
    3. Telecommunications ( Internet, Cellular, Fax,PBX, VoIP )
    4. Internet presence ( Domain name registration, Web hosting, Web Design, eShops )
    5. Acquisition of furnishing etc.

We do everything for you so you don’t have to. We coordinate and follow up on all of
individual elements ensuring everything comes together for a smooth start.

SRV Applications » Data Migration

Data migration is the process of transferring data between computer storage types or file formats. 

It is a key consideration for any system implementation, upgrade, or consolidation. 

Data migration is usually performed programmatically to achieve an automated migration, 

freeing up human resources from tedious tasks. 

It occurs for a variety of reasons, including server or storage equipment replacements, maintenance or upgrades, application migration, website consolidation and data center relocation.

SRV Applications » Web Data Collection

Web Data Collection (Web Scraping) Web scraping (web harvesting or web data extraction) is data extracting from websites.

Why use it ?

  • scrape products from retailer or manufacturer websites to show in their own website or provide specs/price comparison
  • scrape business profiles and reviews to track online presence and reputation
  • scrape people profiles from social networks for tracking online reputation
  • scrape search engine results for SEO tracking
  • monitor specific company pages from social networks to gather what people are saying about certain companies and their products
  • scrape health physicians from their clinic websites to provide a catalog of available doctors per specialization and region
  • scrape job ads from many ATS (Application Tracking System) to build online directories or provide better targeted ads to their customers
  • scrape product reviews from retailers to detect fraudulent reviews
  • scrape news websites to apply custom analysis and curation (manual or automatic), often with the goal of providing better targeted news to their audience

About the company

SRVAPPS / SPYROS RENTOULAS K SIA EE is an IT specialist located in Greece with 30+ years of professional experience in in the demanding and ever changing IT business. Expert and highly familiar with a widevariety of security, programming, engineering, networking, and operating system software.




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